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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicles are generally more expensive and larger than other automobiles. RV insurance is important to have because larger vehicles can cause severe injury or property damage if a wreck occurs. This insurance will usually cover other modes of transportation and trailers that are attached or towed by an insured RV.


Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance provides different services free of charge to enrolled members. Services may include towing, fuel delivery, tire repair, car rental or a battery recharge. Some minor maintenance may also be covered free of charge


Liability Insurance: Bodily or Property Damage

Liability insurance is available as bodily injury or property damage coverage. Most states require an RV owner to purchase a bodily injury liability plan, which covers expenses when an RV owner is at fault for an accident. Bodily insurance may include passengers as well as bystanders. It covers a range of expenses associated with the accident including medical expenses, loss of income, funeral costs or legal expenses. A property damage liability plan replaces or repairs damaged personal property that results from an accident, such as a home or fence.


Collision Coverage 

Collision coverage insurance will repair damages to your RV or replace it in the event it is totaled regardless of who is at fault. Coverage is available when crashing into another vehicle, another object or if the RV rolls over.

Comprehensive Coverage 

This will pay for repairs to your RV that are not accident related. Common hazards may harm the RV or the awning that do not result from a collision. These disasters may include a fire, flood, theft vandalism, animal damage, hail or natural disasters.

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Lower Rates

I can search multiple companies in order to see if you qualify for lower rates or better coverage. 

Timing Is Everything

With every natural disaster, rates can fluctuate. Make sure you are covered before tragedy strikes.

Bundle To Save More

If you need several policies, I will automatically bundle your coverage if it is in your best interest.