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Personal Umbrella

Personal umbrella insurance helps protect you from the unpredictable. If an accident or collision occurs, an unforeseeable lawsuit or expensive medical treatments may ensue. If these expenses exceed your underlying liability coverage limit, personal umbrella insurance can help cover the rest. It extends the coverage for most liability types of insurance plans, particularly auto insurance, homeowner's insurance and boat insurance.


Why You Should Consider This Option:

Personal umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage in addition to existing coverage. When a claim exceeds the limit of another plan, personal umbrella insurance will cover the difference up to its own plan limit. This type of insurance is usually offered in million-dollar increments.

under an umbrella

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Lower Rates

I can search multiple companies in order to see if you qualify for lower rates or better coverage. 

Timing Is Everything

With every natural disaster, rates can fluctuate. Make sure you are covered before tragedy strikes.

Bundle To Save More

If you need several policies, I will automatically bundle your coverage if it is in your best interest.