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Life Insurance

In the event your death, it's unlikely that you would want to burden your surviving loved ones with the cost of your funeral arrangements and any debt you may have accumulated. Securing a life insurance policy ensures you can leave behind money to your family, business or even a charity as a beneficiary.


Whole Life Insurance

>Whole life insurance has a higher premium than term life insurance, but the plan remains in effect so long as the premium is paid, which usually does not fluctuate with age. This type of insurance pays dividends, which can be reinvested into the plan or used for other purposes, such as paying the insurance premium, investing in retirement, or simply pocketing the dividend.


  • Fixed premiums
  • Death Benefit
  • Cash Value Component

What's Included:

  • Lifelong Protection
  • Planned Premium Payments
  • Payable benefits upon death
  • Flexibility and Advantages not Included with Term Insurance

Universal Life Insurance


  • Flexible Premiums
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Variable Universal Life Insurance


  • More Flexibility
  • Premium Payment Amounts
  • Optional Additional Features
  • Premium Payments Can Be Allocated Among Variable Investment Sub-Accounts Offering Great Cash-Value Accumulation



Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides coverage for the term of the policy in increments of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. It pays only death benefits and has no cash value. The premium generally rises over time as the age group of the insurer changes. Term life insurance is best for those who need insurance for a limited time frame, like when providing for a family.


  • Lower Premiums
  • Death Benefits
  • Fixed policy periods
  • Some plans can be converted to whole insurance


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Lower Rates

I can search multiple companies in order to see if you qualify for lower rates or better coverage. 

Timing Is Everything

With every natural disaster, rates can fluctuate. Make sure you are covered before tragedy strikes.

Bundle To Save More

If you need several policies, I will automatically bundle your coverage if it is in your best interest.