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What do you look for in an insurance agent? Technical knowledge and credentials? Personal service to make sure your coverage still matches your changing needs?  Maybe you just want someone who answers the phone when you call? Our agents offer knowledge, credentials, follow-up, and personal attention just as a foundation. Our agency is built around the belief that each person has different needs and they deserve a customized insurance plan from Walsh Insurance Solutions.  


16 YEars Experience

You deserve someone with the experience and know how to protect your most important asset, your family.


Personal approach to insurance

We know all our clients on a first name basis. You are not your policy, you are our friend. 


Call me, not an 800 number

Have a question about your coverage? You can call me directly to get answers fast when you need them.

                       Send Email info@wisllc.net

We've Got All Your Insurance Needs Covered


We are Here to Help

If you have ever had to file a claim, you know it can be difficult to reach your insurance company or agent. Walsh Insurance takes pride in knowing our clients can easily reach us when they need us most - after an emergency. 


Natural Disasters

Flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes; Oh, my! Unplanned weather events can put a damper on your plans and wallet. We work fast to get your claim processed so you can make repairs and move on with your life.


Family Savings

Protecting your nest egg is vital for the future of your family. Our low rates and options help you continue to save while providing peace of mind knowing you have a protection plan in place.


Protecting Your Small Business

A mishap at the workplace can seriously harm smaller businesses. Be prepared with our coverage options so that you can continue business as normal and forego unplanned setbacks.


Fun, Play and Leisure

Fulfill your dreams and enjoy your personal time better by knowing you are safeguarded with Walsh Insurance.

Make insurance a priority The Importance Of Being Covered By Walsh Insurance Solutions

We pride ourselves in providing quality insurance solutions to our clients. We love helping them live their lives with confidence, to give them peace of mind, and enable them to realize their dreams for their loved ones and their legacy.

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